Month: October 2016

Reducing Adolescent Anxiety – EFT Studies & Research:

Do you know an adolescent who is currently suffering from anxiety?

Unfortunately, anxiety in teenagers is on the increase. I have been priviledged to help teenage clients overcome anxiety by teaching them EFT (tapping).

EFT is an amazingly effective technique that helps us release painful & traumatic emotions.

Once learned, EFT can be used daily to release painful emotions from our bodies. It is also used to instill positive emotions, feelings and energy, to uplift, revitalise & maintain a relaxed state.

So, it can be used regularly for various challenges throughout adolescence. Once the technique is learned, a teenager will have a tool for life, to help deal with all the ups & downs.

EFT naturally relaxes the body by allowing us to de-stress, enabling us to center ourselves & become in tune with our body.

It is a fantastic technique for reducing social anxiety, fears & stress (& much more) amongst teenagers. It also boosts self esteem and self confidence, giving an individual a new lease of life 🙂

If you know an adolescent who is currently suffering from anxiety, please do feel free to get in touch to find out more about how I can help them. Let them know that things can get much better 💜.

I’m always happy to speak to people on 089 9596027 or email

Eating Rainbows Every Day – Kiddies Nutrition

p1010199 p1010198 rainbow-fruit-veg-colouring-pages choosing-from-a-rainbow-platter-of-fruit-veg looking-at-all-the-colours-which-make-up-a-rainbow kids-rainbow-chart-final-version

Last week I was invited to speak to children in my sons preschool about nutrition. I spoke about rainbows and the different colours in them and how our fruit and veg have different colours too. I explained how we stay healthy & get our energy, strength and superpowers from each of the different colours. We had a mini quiz to see which foods we could eat all the time or sometimes and each child got to place the food on the correct chart – green for all the time and red for sometimes.

The children got the chance to colour in fruit and veg of a certain colour using my rainbow fruit & veg colouring pages. Then they got the opportunity to taste a variety of fruit & veg and make a rainbow on their plates. I had prepared a fruit and vegetable platter with a variety of each colour so that the children could learn about varying the colours they eat. We had great fun making rainbows on our plates!

I was extremely proud of everyone who attempted to taste the foods even if they had not tried them before or said they didn’t like it! I explained that sometimes it takes 10 tasting tries with our tasting tongues to get to like something 🙂

Thank you to Minna, Aggie & all of the children in the amazing Kildinan Preschool!