Feeling stressed, burnt out or overwhelmed?

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Feeling stressed, burnt out or overwhelmed?

Like many others, you may be struggling to meet all the demands in life. Perhaps you work in a job that is extremely challenging or stressful? Do you dread going into work and end up with a knot in your stomach or get tension headaches or migraines? Maybe you’re juggling work, being a parent or carer and feel pressurised and low in energy and enthusiasm. Or you may not be able to find space in your day to have “me time” or see friends and family…or simply relax.

This may lead on to you feeling frustrated because you give all of the time but don’t receive. Are you trying to manage physical or emotional pain with painkillers that just don’t seem to work for long? Perhaps you or a loved one has been ill and you don’t have the energy to cope with much more. You may be stressed about your finances and feel that there is no end to the bills.

Do you ever get to the end of the day and wish you could start off the morning again and do things differently? Or perhaps you get to the end of the day and you wish it was the end of the week! Is there a stressor in your life that is holding you back from living your life happily? Do you feel overwhelmed that you can’t cope with minor tasks and you feel weighed down by it all?

These are all issues that I help clients to address and release in my clinic. By teaching clients how to easily reduce the stress in their lives, they begin to see more clearly and actually get in touch with their bodies. I help them shift from being stressed, anxious, angry and overwhelmed to relaxed, calm, focused and happy. Clients have reported that their relationship with themselves and with their loved ones and work colleagues has improved greatly, in a positive way. I have helped clients gain 1-2 hours extra in their day by introducing a daily diary system and coaching them through the process step by step. I can help you de-stress, gain more “me time” and start living your life too.

I can teach you simple, effective techniques that reduce stress, anxiety, anger, trauma, fear & addictions. I will coach & empower you to take control of your life. Once you learn these techniques, you will have incredible tools to support you throughout times of stress.

I’m always happy to talk to people about how they can make their lives better using my knowledge and skills, personal experience and easy to learn techniques. If you feel that I might be able to help but you’re not sure, please feel free to give me a ring on 089 9596027 or email me at elaine@cammishwellness.com. Or browse through the services section of my website to find out more about the services I provide http://cammishwellness.com/services.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having!


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