Elaine Cammish

High Vibe Energy Coach


Elaine works with female entrepreneurs and career driven business women to release mindset & emotional blocks that are holding them back from success in their business and life.


Why?  So that these amazing women can move forward and really, truly start helping the people that they serve!


Elaine merges powerful Health & Wellness Coaching with a combination of heart based techniques, depending on her clients individual needs, desire and goals:

  • Prioritising daily self care – key for everyone – you can’t fill from an empty vessel.
  • Modern Energy Tapping* (an evolved version of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) *this technique is a powerful technique that improves the flow of energy throughout the energy body, release any emotional blockages, raising the energy and vibration easily.
  • Modern Stress Management – how to accurately assess and manage stress using a variety of heart based techniques, one of which is Tapping.
  • Visualisations – to help connect into our body, our soul, our higher mind, our true desires and purpose. These amplify the connection that we so easily lose in this modern world.
  • Meditations – to deeply relax the body and mind, allowing healing to occur, allowing intuition to have a clear channel.
  • Deep breathing and relaxation – to effectively calm any stress responses in the body and allow for deeper relaxation – to truly connect inwards.
  • Taking inspired action – daily tracking, daily action steps allow us to move forward with ease and out of overwhelm. This is where coaching really steps us up a notch, allowing us to steam ahead with clarity and ease versus fogginess and drifting.

Having a tool box full of techniques that actually work and can be practiced anywhere, at any time…gives people options. It helps them take control of situations before it controls them!

It helps in so many ways to have options that not only help reduce stress, anxiety, anger, trauma and fear – but also raise your energy, your vibration and your zest for life!

Elaine is passionate about helping others to take control of their life, by supporting and guiding them through their amazing transformations, to a new vibrant life!


As part of the journey, many clients are faced with limiting thought patterns and beliefs that can hold them back. Patterns of lack, beliefs that contribute to low self worth, low confidence and low self esteem prevent us from succeeding in life.


Transforming those beliefs and patterns into positives helps us to truly embrace and balance our relationship with ourselves and those around us. When we truly 100% believe in ourselves, love ourselves and have faith in ourselves – we SHINE from the inside out!

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Elaine teaches clients how to RE-connect to themselves, their true desires, their vision.


Gaining clarity allows us to plan and implement the changes we desire in our life and business.  It allows us to create a clear roadmap that we can follow.  Having a clear map in front of us helps us to optimise the time and energy that we use daily rather than waste it and feel like we haven’t achieved anything.


Most importantly she teaches clients about their energy body, how to assess their energy and how to change it to keep them vibrating at a high frequency. Learning how to release negative energy and increase positive energy is a huge gift that speeds up the transformation.


Sometimes when we are ready to embrace the new version of us we struggle, as we try to do it on our own, reading and watching everything we can to push us forward on our self development path.


That's where an experienced coach comes in - to support, guide and teach us along our path.  Having someone hold us accountable every step of the way, helps us to take the action steps that are necessary to achieve our goals.  Tracking our daily tasks allows us to see our progression and regression.  The magic happens when we create new routines that challenge our old ways of thinking and being.


This empowers us to take control of our life! And it thrusts us forward at a faster rate – allowing us to reach our destination quicker but with ease and grace.

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So...who am I? And how did I end up doing this amazing work that I love?

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Grab a cuppa and read on!  I worked as a Registered General Nurse in an Operating Theatre for years and I absolutely loved it.


However, my health wasn't great and I had already started looking into helping to improve my health through nutrition, when the stress started to mount up considerably at work.  I was no longer as happy and go lucky as I had been.


Life decided to throw 3 different accidents my way to make me listen.  The third accident where I fractured one of my spinal vertebrae, was unfortunately one that prevented me from working for a long time and thus my journey into 'me' began.  It was actually a huge blessing in disguise but I only realised that years later!

Whilst I was off work recovering long term, I used the time to gain a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy over 4 years.  I loved all the new knowledge I was able to apply to my body & I fell in love with feeding my body great nutrition.  I had two healthy and amazing pregnancies within that time, despite living in constant pain from the accident.


Two beautiful healthy boys later, I was led to Health & Wellness Coaching so that I could help my clients to make the changes that they so badly wanted to make with their diet and lifestyle.


Whilst I was studying this course I discovered EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping.  It was this powerful technique that transformed my life from constant chronic psychosomatic pain (non physical origin) into a life of happiness and ease - free from pain and stress!  I fell in love with Tapping and all the benefits it has brought into my life and those around me!

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However, as much as all this self development and new skills were fantastic, I was struggling big time trying to balance family life and bring in money with my new business.  It was extremely hard work!  So - I went back nursing and guess what - I disliked it very much!  I loved the theatre skillset I had but I couldn't stand the stressful environment I was in.  Post recession - staff shortages were common and so were necessary resources.


Low and behold - life gave me another lesson (I get them hard when I don't listen!).  I collapsed in work with a really bad dose of vertigo and couldn't do anything for weeks due to the dizziness.


Did I listen this time?  Absolutely!  I retired from nursing there and then and swore to make my business work.  That was December 2014.

And so - I have put my heart and soul into my business since!  I feel priviledged to have helped transform the lives of many of my clients - young and old.


With my combination of skills and intuition, I have a unique method of working with my clients.  I have found in recent times that the majority of my clients are women who are either entrepreneurs or professional women who are stuck.


My business is now focused on helping these women to release the mindset and emotional blocks that are holding them back from success in their life and business.  Why?  So that these amazing women can move forward in their lives and truly help the people that they serve - without compromising themselves and their energy in the process!