Anxious, worried or overwhelmed?

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Anxious, worried or overwhelmed?

Having a knot in your stomach or a pain in your chest, or perhaps tension headaches, because of apprehension about something in your everyday life, can really hold you or a loved one back in life. Perhaps the thought of pending work/school or encountering a work colleague or boss causes a Monday morning dread which makes you feel weak or sick? It doesn’t have to be that way…

It is astonishing how many of us go around daily with hidden anxieties and don’t realise that we don’t have to feel that way.  I have spoken to many people (adults, teens & young kids) over the last few months who suffer from anxiety. Some of whom I have had the pleasure in helping to release their anxiety, manage the causes of anxiety (bullying, low confidence, low self esteem, grief and stress to name a few).


Each and every one of our bodies is unique in how we experience our emotions, situations and others. Everyone experiences some form of anxiety at some point or other. It is when it becomes a regular occurrence that holds you back or prevents you from moving forward in life, that it becomes an issue.

Apprehension in a heightened form creates anxiety, which cause stress responses in our bodies. A body that becomes overly stressed shows signs of stress in our physical, psychological and emotional body. If this happens regularly, the body can often get “stuck” in a stressed mode or a heightened sensitivity mode, which is hard to break.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is an amazingly simple but powerful technique that I use with clients, family and personally to overcome all sorts of stress, pain, negative emotions, anxiety, anger and much more. I have taught my own young children (now 4 & 6 years old) how to do EFT and we use it regularly for little occurrences in their lives that upset or scare them. See for more information on what EFT/tapping is.

We used tapping very successfully last year for huge apprehension for swimming lessons when my son went from the small pool into the deeper big pool and he wasn’t quite tall enough! He overcame that fear with tapping and went on to have no fear at all and now goes down to the deep end, pops up for air every now and again and prefers to be under the water!

Another example was last week when my 6 year old came out of school upset over something that another child had said to him. He said he was sad and hurt. I asked him some specific questions – where he felt it and what colour it was. It was in his tummy and was blue. So, we tapped on “blue upset in my tummy” and after two rounds of tapping, it was gone!! Then I asked him to tune in again and he said “no – it’s gone, I’m not upset any more”. We then put in some positive emotions to help him feel great and he was buzzing with excitement and energy. That took 5 minutes!!

I love teaching and using EFT for all sorts of emotional things that life throws at us. It is so easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere at any time. I am holding an “Introduction to EFT” workshop Wednesday 21/09/16 at 19:30 in Fermoy if you or anyone you know could benefit from learning such a fantastic technique. See for further details.

I love teaching clients and see them come back for their next appointment with a huge weight gone off them as they realise that they don’t have to live with anxiety or stress. I would love to teach you too! Releasing anxiety can help you gain better sleep, less pain & tension, better energy and happiness.

I am always happy to speak to people over the phone to see where they are at and how I can help them. If you or a loved one could do with a helping hand, please ring me on 089 9596027 or drop me an email I would be delighted to hear from you!

Have a super weekend!


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