Modern Stress Management Foundation Course

Ready to find a real solution to stress?


With so much stress in our busy lives today, it can be easy to miss out on the fun and enjoyment of life.  We have forgotten how to maintain a sense of calm and have gotten stuck in low energy states, feeling unhappy, frustrated, tired and unwell.


Would you like to find out how to recognise what stress is & how it manifests in your life?  Would you like to empower yourself, by understanding your own and another’s stress levels?  Would you like to learn how to identify triggers to stress?  Would you like to find a real solution to stress?  Then this course is for you!


This foundational course in Modern Stress Management (MSM) is an exciting, new & interactive course.  It will take you step by step from living in stress mode -> to reducing your stress levels -> to living in a happy energised state.


Raising energy is what Modern Stress Management is all about”  Silvia Hartmann, creator of Modern Stress Management, Founder of the Guild of Energists  & author of The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution


In this course you will learn:


·       How your energy levels are impacted when you become stressed.

·       How external stressors may not change & how your reaction can determine how they affect you.

·       Gain a deeper understanding on why this depends on our energy state, how we perceive stress & how we react to stressors.

·       How to restore balance, harmony and free flowing energy around your body.

·       Modern energy techniques that raise your energy, allowing you to think, work, live and succeed in a new, energised state.

·       Techniques for life that you can use any time, any where… to step out of stress… into success.

·       To not only reduce your stress to zero, but through MSM going one step further – energising yourself & feeling amazing.


This one day practical, interactive, fun & energising training offers you a modern approach to Stress Management!   Through lots of practical demonstrations, you will gain a valuable understanding of how your energy body works, how to use modern energy techniques to change your energy body stress & how to step forward into success.


MSM enables you to understand that everything is possible when you can change your emotions and your response to stressful situations.  You will quickly realise how you can start living the happy, high vibration life you dream of straight away.


1 Day Certified Training €160 (non-refundable booking deposit €50)


Discover through the 4 Units:


Unit 1:  What is stress? How to accurately measure your own & others stress levels!

Unit 2:  Energize Your Life!  How to move from stress to success!

Unit 3:  De-Stressing Other People!  How the stress levels of an individual or within a group affect another’s energy!

Unit 4:  A New Energized Future!  How to successfully take your life, your career or your business to the next level!


This training includes a manual.  On completion you will be presented with a Modern Stress Management Foundation Certificate & awarded 1 year Standard Membership with the Guild of Energists (GoE).  You will also be invited to join a Private Facebook Group hosted by Cammish Wellness for MSM Foundation Course Attendees.


This course is open to all, with no pre-requisite reading or training.


Places are limited to 6, so book now to reserve your place.  Click on the "Book Now" button below to book & pay.  The course costs €160.  A non-refundable booking deposit of €50.00 is required to secure your place.


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