Kids Corner

Welcome to Kids Corner!


This is a place where you can read all about our emotions (feelings) such as feeling sad, lonely, angry, upset, afraid, scared or just yucky... and find out ways to help ease any worries, fears or troubles that you you can feel better again!


Sometimes when we feel afraid, sad, upset, angry or just not right, our energy can get a bit stuck in our bodies, making us feel yuck.  I will show you some easy ways to unblock that stuck energy and get it flowing again so that you can feel happy and full of energy again!


This page is also a place that your parent / guardian or teacher can also find out more about 'stuck' negative emotions, how they can hold us back & what they can do to work with you, to help ease your worries.  They can also learn how to help you both raise your positive energy, helping you have a happy, bouncy, carefree life together!