The following services are offered privately online via Zoom (by appointment only) or upon request in your workplace, classroom or a specified venue for workshops.  Services are available to adults, teenagers & children (<18 years accompanied by an adult).  Please click on the headings below for further information on individual services & prices.

MODERN Stress Management

A modern approach using new, effective techniques which offer accurate stress assessments & take clients from stress to success.  The biggest cause of "stress" is emotional stress or negative emotions i.e. being afraid, angry or anxious.  This new method engages the power of positive emotions, teaching us to work with our body, our emotions & our energy system.

Modern Energy Tapping

This form of Tapping has evolved from EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.  It is a process of tapping, holding or massaging specific meridian points on the body, with the fingertips, in order to improve the flow of energy throughout the energy body.  Sometimes, the flow of energy in our energy bodies can be blocked or disrupted.  This can be due to an overload of energy, in the form of strong emotions or trauma.

Health & Wellness Coaching

This style of coaching facilitates & empowers clients to achieve their own health & wellness goals. I will work alongside you as your ally, guiding you through this journey.  Together we will find your internal motivation & strengths.  We will explore what ignites your inner spark & discover what external resources you can tap in to. 

Usui Reiki

A healing technique that helps restore balance & harmony, by activating the body's natural healing processes.  Reiki healing energy works on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual body and can benefit everyone.  This universal life energy brings about a deep sense of peace & relaxation.  A Reiki therapist acts as a channel for the healing energy of the universe.

Online Programmes:

  • Empowering Mums - 6 Weeks To A Happier, Calmer, Confident You!
  • Mums! Lower Your Stress Levels in 5 Days!


One to One Programmes:

  • Emotional Health Coaching
  • Modern Stress Management
  • EFT - Set Yourself Free

Group, Class or Business Workshops:

  • Modern Stress Management
  • Energy EFT & Positive EFT
  • Little Hearts of Gold