Energy EFT Heart & Soul Protocol


The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol
Check in with your stress levels & do 3 rounds to de-stress first using a word(s) that resonate your feelings i.e. de-stress, relax, let go, calm, peace.


Check in again to feel clearly what it is you want to work on & rate your emotion/feeling/pain on the SUE scale (Subjective Units of Experience number scale above).


Your aim is to tap to move yourself up the minus side of the scale to 0 using your setup phrase & then to replace it with a positive to move yourself up to the plus side of the scale.


  1. Assume Heart Healing Posture (one palm on top of the other, where you would point to yourself on your chest) & take three deep breaths, in & out.
  2. Say the set up statement (words, emotions, colours, body parts, feelings that resonate with how & where or what you’re feeling) after each exhale.
  3. Start tapping/ touching/massaging the Top of the Head.  Inhale as you tap & as you exhale say your “setup phrase”.
  4. Continue in the same way to the Third Eye point & all following points, breathing normally in between points.
  5. Top of the Eyebrow
  6. Corner of the Eye
  7. Under Eye
  8. Under Nose
  9. Under Mouth
  10. Under Collarbone
  11. Thumb – where the skin meets the nail on each finger
  12. Index Finger
  13. Middle Finger
  14. Ring Finger
  15. Little Finger
  16. Karate Chop – soft pad on outside of your hand
  17. Return to the Heart Healing Posture for a moment of silent reflection.
  18. Take three deep breaths, in & out.


This completes one round of EFT Heart & Soul.

The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol - © Dr Silvia Hartmann 2012