Health & Wellness Coaching

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?


Sometimes we try desperately to make changes in our lives, be it dietary, fitness or lifestyle and we don’t quite succeed.  This can be especially difficult if the advice or warning is from a health care professional following a health scare, ill health, surgery or other major life event.


Once in a while people need an ally to help them make a plan and support them in making small achievable changes, step by step.  They also need someone to help them take responsibility for these changes and become accountable for moving forward in making positive changes.


This is where Health & Wellness Coaching really works.  A Health & Wellness Coach is trained in lifestyle behaviour change.  This type of coaching guides and empowers clients towards taking responsibility for their own health and well being.  They work alongside their client, as a team and help them adopt new long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.  This is achieved at the clients own pace, addressing any barriers to change along the way.  It is also achieved when they are ready to make these changes.


A Health & Wellness Coach listens to the client, helping them explore the area of their life that they wish to address and change.  The coach will help the client discover their internal motivation and find out what really works for them.


Changing habits involves a lot of behavioural change, especially if these habits are old or deep-rooted.  Coaching involves shifting attitudes and beliefs, thus evolving from feeling “stuck” to feeling free.  A Health & Wellness coach will help a client succeed in accomplishing the goals that they set out to accomplish.


How I can help you as your Health & Wellness Coach:


This style of coaching facilitates & empowers clients to achieve their own health & wellness goals. I will work alongside you as your ally, guiding you through this journey.  And together we will find your internal motivation & strengths.  We will explore what ignites your inner spark & discover what external resources you can tap in to.


What to expect in a consultation:


Initial consultation takes 60 minutes & costs €60.  Sessions can be conducted in person or over phone/skype.


Working as your ally, supporting you along your new path, together we will explore:

  • Where you are at currently
  • What you want to achieve from your coaching sessions
  • Identify a focus area
  • Assess your “readiness for change”
  • Set realistic, achievable & maintainable goals
  • Identify your internal motivation
  • Identify barriers
  • Identify who will support you
  • Set up accountability

Follow up sessions:


A 45 minute weekly one to one coaching session, to assess how you have progressed during the week.  We will revisit goals from previous week and explore:

  • Any barriers to change
  • Any regression
  • Assess where you are at currently
  • Any new focus areas
  • Set up new action steps.

Follow up consultations take 45 minutes & costs €45.  Sessions can be conducted in person or over phone/skype.  If combined with EFT, stress management or dietary advice, follow up sessions may last 90 minutes & cost €90 per session.


It is important to note that a Health & Wellness Coach does not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions.  This is solely carried out by G.P.’s or other qualified doctors or healthcare professionals.  Coaching is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatments, but can complement most treatments that a client is receiving from their medical team.  If necessary, a G.P. referral and/or collaboration may be requested, with client consent.