Praise from past clients & their success stories

I have had the pleasure of helping many people - young, old & in between since I set up my business.  Here is some feedback from previous clients:

"I had a session with Elaine today and it exceeded all of my expectations. This lady is gifted in her role and I highly recommend that anyone dealing with emotional issues or seeking to improve themselves internally to make an appointment. Elaine is a rare find!!
Thank you so much for your help today Elaine you have helped me to drop so much stress and connect with myself again x"


"I initially reached out to Elaine to for dietary coaching, I wasn't overweight but I felt the need to eat healthier and better.  She came highly recommended from a friend and even though I live internationally we set up some time and chatted over Skype. At the time I was also suffering from unexplained infertility and I was hoping a more balanced diet would be one factor that could help with that.


Elaine was amazing! Not only was her dietary advice and plan fantastic but she was absolutely wonderful to talk to. She also helped teach me stress relief techniques and checked in with me on a regular basis afterwards to check on my progress.


When I finally did get pregnant I reached out to her again and yet again her dietary advice and plan and support was amazing. In particular the organic, whole food prenatal supplements she suggested were fantastic, I am still taking them!


I simply cannot recommend Elaine enough, she is a wonderful, highly knowledgeable resource and such pleasure to work with."


“It was suggested I give Elaine a go in relation to helping me with high stress levels and bring more work/life balance into my life and I was eating so much sugary foods as a result.  I was open to try any holistic / alternative techniques that would assist me in my busy and stressful life, so meeting Elaine was just what I needed!!


Initially, I would have to admit that I felt a bit silly with tapping (EFT technique).  However, by the end of the first session, I could see how this would help me in my daily life and how working through tapping, how thoughts could be addressed, released and let go.


The post session emails from Elaine were very encouraging, reinforced what was covered in the session and set in motion what I needed to work on before the next session.   The startling realisation of the Sugar content of a Cadbury’s Twirl 1 finger = 12g sugar = 3 teaspoons sugar & 6.6g fat.  This was a huge learning for me, when sugar was my fix when under stress and working long hours and the knock on effects it was having on my health and mood.


After a few sessions with Elaine, I now have gained a valuable technique that allows me to manage my high levels of stress at any point of the day without depending on the “sugar” fix.  How adaptable and flexible this technique/skill is – no expensive special equipment required.  Just me, space to sit down, move the negative thoughts via tapping or work through something that is stressing me out and by introducing phrases that can empower me.


I am very grateful to Elaine for the time she gave me, never rushed and still available if ever I required assistance in the future”.


"I would strongly recommend visiting Elaine for Reiki and EFT.  She is an outstanding therapist, she has a great energy & enthusiasm for life and helping her clients in the most genuine and caring way.  You will leave feeling uplifted, full of confidence and bursting with energy for life.  I can without doubt say, working with Elaine has changed my life".


"I was hesitant about coming to you as I was worried that I would have to re-live painful moments or that the techniques used would be hard work.  I now know that I am not the stress, that stress can be big or small and that we all suffer from stress most of the time.  I feel in control of my stress now and I know that within a few minutes or using the eft technique I can feel a whole lot better, more calm and relaxed and able to handle anything.


I was getting stressed quite easily but now I only have occassional stress.  Eft is so easy to use and remember. I can practice it anywhere, in public, when going to sleep, in the car.


Elaine is very good at listening and offering the best technique for me at the time.  I found eft very helpful indeed.  Benefits now:  Less stressed, More awareness of my body, More energy, Better outlook in life, Better time management, Learning a valuable technique.


Yes absolutely, I would recommend your services - everyone should be learn how to use eft to master their stress and take control of their life".


“Before coming to you, I wasn't sure if I was ready to open up to anyone. I was sceptical because I hadn't heard about the type of services you were providing.  Now, I can handle stressful situations much more easily. I feel more confident and at ease within myself.  I was highly stressed before, but now I have some stress but am able to cope.


I liked the Eft and also the coaching and nutritional advice.  Eft was the best skill for me to take away.  Benefits now:  Less stressed, happier, more positive, eating healthier, learning a valuable technique.


I would recommend your services - I think your service would be more beneficial on a 1 to 1 basis though.  I feel any problems or issues could be alleviated in your sessions.  I feel if there is anyone out there struggling for whatever reason they would greatly benefit from your service.  I know I have.”


“I'm like a different person since Elaine introduced me to EFT. I was so stressed!! I now have the tool to cope with stress and get on with enjoying my family and friends. Thank you Elaine x”


“I would highly recommend Elaine for her work. Elaine has taught me how to use EFT and I find it very effective in times of need. Elaine also devised a personalised plan for me after i suffered 2 miscarriages and needed to get back to nature and basics.It worked, I have had a healthy baby boy since but also, I feel great. And such a fab person both inside and outside.”

O.D. August 2016