Successful Stress Solutions

A powerful new way of using energy to overcome life's obstacles & thrive

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2022

This course is taught online in an interactive group setting

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Are you ready to lose stress and step into success?


Are you done with battling the effects that stress and stressful situations have on your body, your mind, your life and your relationships?


Do you want to start living in a more peaceful, calm and high vibrational way?

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“Raising energy is what Modern Stress Management is all about”

Silvia Hartmann - creator of Modern Stress Management, Founder of the Guild of Energists & author of The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution

With so much stress in our busy lives today, it can be easy to miss out on the fun and enjoyment of life.  We can sometimes forget how to maintain a sense of calm and we can all get stuck in low energy states…leaving us feeling unhappy, frustrated, tired and unwell.


Would you like to find out how to recognise what stress is & how it manifests in your life?  Would you like to empower yourself, by understanding your own and another’s stress levels?


Would you like to learn how to identify triggers to stress?


Would you like to find a real solution to stress?  Then this live, interactive course is for you!


Come join me for this for this 2 day journey & let's turn stress into success....through mastering our energy.


With love,


Elaine Xx

Elaine Cammish - Expert in Emotional Healing

Stress Management Facilitator, Energist, Coach, Healing Practitioner

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Included in this 2 day journey:

This 2 day online course includes a Foundational course in Modern Stress Management (MSM), delivered by Elaine Cammish.  MSM is an exciting, refreshing & interactive course from the creator of Modern Energy – Silvia Hartmann, Guild of Energists.  It will take you step by step from living in stress mode -> to reducing your stress levels -> to living in a happy energised state.


  • To enhance the effectiveness of this amazing course, there is an added live call with time for a recap of course content, Q&A and an expanded Introduction to Energy Tapping in a Group Tapping Circle!

Day 1 :


Modern Stress Management Foundation Course Units 1 - 4


Learn de-stressing and re-energising techniques that you can practice straight away.  These energy techniques are for life... for all situations that may arise.  Learning how to actively manage stressors before they become an issue.  These are techniques that will benefit all who put them into practice.

Day 2:


Recap of the course content & techniques; Q&A; Practice


An Introduction to Energy Tapping in a Group Circle - where Elaine will coach every participant through the process of changing their energy state.  Putting all the techniques into practice for real life experiences is invaluable skill that will benefit all!


This 2 day practical, interactive, fun & energising training offers you a modern approach to Stress Management!


Have fun learning about stress, whilst de-stressing & re-energising!

Through lots of practical demonstrations, you will gain a valuable understanding of how your energy body works, how to use modern energy techniques to change your energy body stress & how to step forward into success.


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Modern Stress Management enables you to understand that everything is possible when you can change your emotions and your response to stressful situations.  You will quickly realise how you can start living the happy, high vibration life you dream of straight away.

In this Modern Stress Management (MSM) Foundation Course - you will learn:

Unit 1:

  • What is stress?
  • How to accurately measure your own & others stress levels!

Unit 2:

  • Energize Your Life!
  • How to move from stress to success!

Unit 3:

  • De-Stressing Other People!
  • How the stress levels of an individual or within a group affect another’s energy!

Unit 4:

  • A New Energized Future!
  • How to successfully take your life, your career or your business to the next level!

Discover through the 4 Modern Stress Management (MSM) Units:

  • How your energy levels are impacted when you become stressed.
  • How external stressors may not change & how your reaction can determine how they affect you.
  • Gain a deeper understanding on why this depends on our energy state, how we perceive stress & how we react to stressors.
  • How to restore balance, harmony and free flowing energy around your body.
  • Modern energy techniques that raise your energy, allowing you to think, work, live and succeed in a new, energised state.
  • Techniques for life that you can use any time, any where… to step out of stress… into success.
  • To not only reduce your stress to zero, but through MSM going one step further – energising yourself & feeling amazing.
  • You will learn effective practical tools and techniques that you can start using straight away! Having a tool kit full of techniques is the best way to stay in control of your energy before the stress controls you!

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A breakdown of what's included in this 2 day journey:

Modern Stress Management (MSM) Unit 1

  • Discover:  What is stress (emotional stress & energy body stress)?


  • How to accurately measure your own & others stress levels using an accurate stress assessment tool!


  • Learn how to understand stress, through understanding energy body stress and how we can all be in different emotional states in any one day.


Modern Stress Management (MSM) Unit 2

  • Energize Your Life!  How to move from stress to success!  Learn easy, effective techniques to raise your energy naturally.


  • Discover how to connect with your heart, how to use your breath to de-stress; how to use Energy Tapping, how to use visualisation techniques to take you to a relaxing space.


  • Practice connecting with positive energy every day to raise your vibration.

Modern Stress Management (MSM) Unit 3

  • De-Stressing Other People!  How the stress levels of an individual or within a group affect another’s energy!


  • Discover how to recognise stress in others within your home, workplace or environment and how to raise others energy levels and empower them.

Modern Stress Management (MSM) Unit 4

  • A New Energized Future!  How to successfully take your life, your career or your business to the next level!  You will learn how to raise your energy before you set goals or make committed decisions and why this is so important!


  • Discover how to connect to past and future aspects of you and change their energy state, in order to change your current energy state.


  • Reconnect with your energy body with the right energy in order to overcome problems by choosing effective solutions!  Learn to send energy to others or to situations in order to empower them and alleviate worry and stress for you.

A Practical Group Session Using Energy Tapping

  • Learn how to practice Energy Tapping (which is touched upon briefly in the MSM course).  This includes practical demonstrations on how to use this technique in your everyday life.  Elaine has years of experience facilitating Tapping Group's.  There will be huge benefits in learning how to use Energy Tapping every day to release the old energy and bring in the new energy!


  • We will recap briefly on the MSM units to ensure that everyone feels empowered and this will be followed by a Q&A session & advice of how to incorporate all of your new skills into your daily life, to ensure that you truly do create the success that you desire in your life!

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Energetic Exchange:  €222

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Also included in this 2 day journey:

This training includes a 56 page colour manual with step by step guides on all 4 units covered, which will be posted out with your certificate.




On completion you will be presented with a Modern Stress Management Foundation Certificate from the Guild of Energists (GoE).




You will be awarded 1 year Standard Membership with the Guild of Energists (GoE), gives you access to the GoE members section of their website which includes valuable learning resources.



This course is open to all, however there are some requirements:

In order to teach this course and ensure that everyone benefits – please ensure the following:


That you schedule in the time slots for the 2 days and allow yourself the time to learn, de-stress and re-energise during the course.


That you create a learning environment for yourself throughout the course, where you will NOT be interrupted – a quiet space free from family, friends, pets and distractions.


Your phone is on silent during the class time.  Texting and other phone use will not be permitted during the class.   This is to ensure that everyone benefits from the lessons and also that the energy remains high.


Technology (computer) requirement:


A strong broadband or mobile data connection is essential as we will be using a video conference application.


The course will be held on Zoom (similar to Skype), therefore you will need to download the app before the course commences and ensure that it is working (you can test run a video call).  Details of how to do this will be emailed prior to course commencement.


A computer, laptop, tablet/iPad or modern mobile phone can be used for Zoom, so long as you have your device fully charged and your video camera (front facing) and microphone are working perfectly.




There will be stress relieving & uplifting exercises to complete throughout each unit, which Elaine will teach.  Everyone will get the opportunity to practice these techniques with the rest of the group.  The more we practice as a group, the greater the energy shift!  So, everyone will benefit!


There will be ample time to practice and follow along.  Videos of each exercise will be made available to each participant on completion of each module, for future use.


I would ask that everyone respects the delicate nature of stress and it’s effects on our lives and therefore help to hold space for others in the group, in order for them to feel supported.  We are all in this together as a supportive group, who are reaching for success!


Please Note!


This course is taught in an online group environment.  Group work is essential to complete this course, as the techniques taught will be practiced live, by the participants.


If you commit to this course, you will benefit hugely from practicing the techniques and using the tools that will be taught during the course.  If you can not fit in the time to assess your stress levels (as taught) and practice the techniques on a daily basis, then you will not see a reduction in stress.


However, if you are committed to putting the work in, not only will you reduce the effect that stress has on your body - you will reap the benefits of raising your energy and vibration....truly helping you to lose stress and step into success Xx 

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Energetic Exchange:  €222

EARLY BIRD 25% OFF:  €166.50