Do you acknowledge your business as an individual energy, with individual needs? Do you nurture that energetic vibration to improve all areas of your business?

Let me show you how! Let's lift the energetic vibration of your business in all areas, so that every aspect of it thrives, without the struggle!


Hello - I'm Elaine Cammish - High Vibe Energy Coach & host of "The High Vibe Energy Club"


I unlock the root cause & energetic blocks that are holding people back from experiencing their greatest success Xx

The High Vibe Energy Club - A group coaching experience

I would like to invite you to join this high vibe energetic community! 


Being an active member will ensure that you consistently raise your vibe, so that you can thrive in all areas of your life and business!

The perks of being a member of this high vibe community include regular live trainings on how to:



Gain Clarity

Maintain Focus

Take Inspired Action

Set Clear Intentions

Stay Highly Motivated

Become Accountable

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Well, quite simply - we all need clarity about where we are at currently, what has not or is not working & where we are going. 


When we don't have a clear plan, we drift...and can end up somewhere completely unplanned and undesired!  It is very easy to get lost. 


I know what that feels like.  I drift if I don't have a clear plan.  We are human after all.


But, that's where coaching comes in very useful...


Having a clearly defined plan from A to B helps to keep us on track.


HOWEVER...what happens if you have some mindset or emotional blocks that can prevent you from taking the action that you wish to take to get you from A to B?  If these blocks hold us back and keep us stuck - self sabotage can set in.  Constantly taking action but not reaching your destination is extremely frustrating!


What is a solution?

Energy Tapping (an evolved version of EFT) and heart based techniques that help to identify what the block is and help to release it.  Not only that - these powerful techniques work fast to clear out negative energy AND raise your vibrational frequency!  


What does this cost?

€30 per month or €360 per year - For a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching, why not join this group coaching experience?  It will raise your vibe in a way that is alignment with the true you!  Helping you to gain clarity and focus on your path forward, ensuring that you feel empowered, happy and excited!  Sustaining a high level of energy pushes our lives and businesses forward in a way that is in true alignment with us.


What is the next step to take?

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So - are you ready to release any blocks that are holding you back in order to get clear on your vision, goal and desires for 2020?


Woohoo - I am excited for you!  Why should you wait any longer to start creating success in your life and business?  Life is short!  


I can't wait to work with you to help you connect with your big vision!  And to show you how to keep on track Xx

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