High Vibe Energy Coaching

Resolve self doubt, limiting beliefs, self sabotage & struggle… and step into a free flowing space of intuition, alignment, joy & clarity. Unravel your true potential.


Imagine for one moment what it would FEEL like to wake up happy, full of joy and a feeling of contentment - knowing that your energetic vibration was in alignment with the best level version of you, that you truly desire to be?  Knowing that your emotional state, freedom, happiness, clients, money, success are just the other side of your energy!  AND, that you have the power to change that!


Does that excite you?


It's available whenever you are ready to receive it!


Let's start planning.  Let's lift your energy, raise your vibe and get you living your life & running your business...on your terms!


Hello - I'm Elaine Cammish - High Vibe Energy Coach


I am a High Vibe Energy Coach and I use a combination of Energy Tapping (EFT), heart centered Stress Management techniques, meditation, Transference Healing and Health Coaching.


I lead business owners out of low, stuck, stressed and struggling energy states - into happy, focused, heart centered, high vibe & intuitive states of BEing.   This unlocks their true potential, allowing them to attract their soul clients, have ease and flow in their business and achieve the success that they desire.


I unlock the root cause of mindset & energetic blocks that are holding people back from experiencing their greatest success.  The magic happens when we optimise our emotional and energetic health, through energy balance, flow, alignment, true heart connection and empowerment.


I am going to teach you about the energy body, how to de-stress it, how to re-energise it and how to nurture and maintain it in a high vibration.

3 Month 1:1 High Vibe Energy Coaching Package

Work 1:1 with me for a minimum of 12 Weeks to remove the energetic and mindset blocks that are holding you back in your life and business.


Tap into your intuition and align with your heart.  Raise your energetic vibration to align with your desires and your dreams.


Step into your greatest potential...into the next level of you.

Ready to step into the next level version of you?

Are you an entrepreneur who...

  • Has the biggest, boldest dreams and desires for your life and business and is 100% ready to take the next steps to get there?
  • Is ready to put the work in to make this happen by letting go of old limiting beliefs, excuses, frustrations, disappointments and low vibrational states?
  • Is truly ready to step into their greatest potential, live from their heart, their intuition and own their personal power?

Why work with me?

I make it my mission to guide entrepreneurs out of the stuck, stressed or struggling zone, so that they can finally step in to their greatest potential and start living from a space of happiness, joy, abundance and success.  Guiding my clients to step up from a place of love, connectedness and a positive vibration, helps them to embody their true self.  It allows them to flow with confidence, manifest with ease and achieve great results.


I know first hand how powerful these shifts are from my own experience and from the shifts that I see happening every time I work with a client.  It fills my entire being up with pure joy and love, to support and guide other entrepreneurs on their amazing journey.  I know what it is like to feel like this entrepreneurial journey is tough, full of stress, dead ends and poor results.  I know all about shiny object syndrome – constantly going after the next thing and the next, trying to find THE thing to solve all of your problems.  I know what it is like to put your heart and soul into your business and not move forward!  I understand what it is like to give my power away, to compare myself to others, to judge myself, to not feel good enough.


I truly believe that this journey that I have been on has completely transformed me and my business.  I now understand way more from an energetic perspective than I previously did.  My experience means that I see patterns, limitations and stuck energy states pretty quickly now.  I have so many tools to shift those limitations and I pass those on to all of my clients.  These tools and techniques are an absolute blessing!  They help us to move forward, even through the tough times.  Why?  Because when we empower ourselves and work from our heart and intuition, everything works out.  The heart always gives us our truth, when we are ready to listen.  When we do that – we own our personal power and we know that we are in control.   That is the gift.


Why do I work with entrepreneurs specifically?  Well, let me call it a ripple effect!  If I help to change the energy and mindset of an entrepreneur – that emanates out in to their business and lives in so many positive ways.  Isn’t that such a gift to the clients and consumers on the other side of my client?


I truly believe that we are always learning, always up-levelling, always transforming.  When we step out of our own way, we leave doubt behind and we own our journey.  Happiness, ease, flow, self confidence, intuition, personal power, abundance, success, acceptance and freedom are your birth right.  Let me show you the way.  Let me guide and support you on your forward path.

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Are you ready to:

  • Create a new happy, successful and abundant reality.
  • Resolve the negative emotional states that keep holding you back.
  • Release the limiting and self sabotaging behaviours that have kept you stuck for far too long.
  • Let go of the energetic and mindset blocks that are holding you back from success in your life and business.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and experience the freedom you desire.
  • FEEL truly happy, free and content as often as you choose.
  • Tap into your intuition and align with your heart.
  • Raise your energetic vibration to align with your desires and your dreams.
  • Take control of your life, your personal power, your life path.
  • Experience 12 weeks of transformation with expert support and guidance.

Ready to start shining like the star that you are?

What we will unravel and cover along our journey together:

  • Specific energetic and mindset blocks that are holding you back (i.e. low confidence, limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours).
  • Resolve negative patterns, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, around your self worth and how you value yourself.
  • Identify the emotional blocks or triggers that keep you stuck or feeling out of control.
  • Loose any beliefs of lack and disempowerment.
  • Where your natural energy state is and how this affects your daily life and business.
  • A heart centred method to align you with your dreams, desires and goals.
  • Reconnect with your intuition to truly manifest your ideal life and business.
  • Become the best version of you who is confident, happy and successful.
  • Show up with confidence, knowing your true worth, giving value from a place of service.

I will teach you:

  • All about our energy body, how to maintain a high vibration and nurture it.
  • How to de-stress, release anxiety, negativity, limiting beliefs/patterns/behaviours and low vibes.
  • Techniques to raise your energetic vibration, and sustain it – creating a new natural energy state.
  • Modern Energy Tapping (an evolved version of EFT) and Modern Stress Management Techniques.
  • A process that allows you to separate yourself from your business entity.  This will show you how to maintain and nurture both.
  • Ways to detach from others and retain your own energy, so that you are not leaking it.

Our journey together will include:

  • Two hour intensive initial session
  • Weekly 90 - 120 minute sessions via Zoom
  • Support & guidance every week to implement your weekly action steps towards your goal
  • Weekly energy and stress assessments
  • Mid week accountability check in's
  • Personalised video and audio recordings [Tapping; Meditation; Visualisation]
  • Access to support via Signal Messaging App and email during working hours
  • Access to an online library of Energy Tapping & Meditation videos & MP3's

Your Investment:

Your investment for this 12 week High Vibe transformational journey together is €3000.  Monthly payment plans available.

Curious to know more about me & how I work?