Emotional eating is a behavioural pattern that can be reversed & healed by using EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.

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Emotional eating is a behavioural pattern that can be reversed & healed by using EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.


Working with an EFT practitioner can help to identify the root cause of specific habits such as: succumbing to cravings, eating to avoid certain unpleasant feelings such as low self esteem, stress or guilt & a cycle of constant snacking and never feeling satisfied.


Emotional eating – we all do it at some point in our lives…I’ll happily hold my hand up & say chocolate is my go to thing when I’m feeling down or unhappy or stressed. For some it’s ice-cream, or biscuits, or crisps or bars. It’s often seen as a treat or a reward when you feel something such as “I’ve had a hard day…I deserve this”. And that’s ok.


Sometimes though, it can get out of hand & become a habit, which can be very difficult to break. This can build up over time, until at some point we don’t realise why we do it or indeed that we are doing it at all. Healing our relationship with food and most importantly with our body, is key to nurturing our emotional side that really needs healing.


Emotional eating is a behavioural pattern that can be difficult to control. A pattern that may involve: eating to deal with stress, overeating to avoid our upsets, constantly snacking to get the sugar hit that makes us (temporarily) feel amazing….followed by feelings of guilt and over-indulgence, along with a blood sugar level that is constantly high or low…followed sometimes by weight gain and an inability to successfully loose weight long term.


At Cammish Wellness, I use a combination of techniques to successfully help clients reduce cravings, break the habit of emotional eating and reduce & manage their stress levels.


1. I assess stress levels at each session & show the client some stress management techniques to lower their everyday stress.


2. I teach them EFT – Tapping, to use as an everyday tool to reduce cravings, stress, anxiety, anger, fears, guilt, pain and most importantly as a tool to help them free themselves emotionally. We address the root cause of their emotions, use EFT to free these emotions & replace the negative emotions with positive ones, so that they feel great & have a back up tool for when they don’t feel so good.


3. I use coaching techniques to help them make small achievable action steps (that are part of a bigger goal). We set up accountability whereby the client checks in between sessions to keep track of their progress. And I help them throughout the process to find their spark, their motivation and inner power.


4. I address any dietary advice as & when needed using my nutritional therapy knowledge.


I have had great feedback from clients who are on a new healthier, happier path making long lasting changes to their lives. They have successfully reduced their stress levels, stopped their food cravings, dealt with deep emotional issues & are now happier, less stressed, motivated and are actually enjoying life without the guilt!


Are you ready to make healthful life changes and free yourself emotionally in 2017?


I would love to hear from you 🙂 & discuss how I can help you become the person you truly deserve to be!


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