Reducing Adolescent Anxiety – EFT Studies & Research:

October 14, 2016 3lain3_F0L37

Do you know an adolescent who is currently suffering from anxiety?

Unfortunately, anxiety in teenagers is on the increase. I have been priviledged to help teenage clients overcome anxiety by teaching them EFT (tapping).

EFT is an amazingly effective technique that helps us release painful & traumatic emotions.

Once learned, EFT can be used daily to release painful emotions from our bodies. It is also used to instill positive emotions, feelings and energy, to uplift, revitalise & maintain a relaxed state.

So, it can be used regularly for various challenges throughout adolescence. Once the technique is learned, a teenager will have a tool for life, to help deal with all the ups & downs.

EFT naturally relaxes the body by allowing us to de-stress, enabling us to center ourselves & become in tune with our body.

It is a fantastic technique for reducing social anxiety, fears & stress (& much more) amongst teenagers. It also boosts self esteem and self confidence, giving an individual a new lease of life 🙂

If you know an adolescent who is currently suffering from anxiety, please do feel free to get in touch to find out more about how I can help them. Let them know that things can get much better 💜.

I’m always happy to speak to people on 089 9596027 or email