Taking the first step can be daunting

January 23, 2017 3lain3_F0L37

Faith is taking the first step

Taking the first step can be daunting.  As an Emotional Health Coach, I can help you take those first steps (and many more) to reach your goals.

Helping you find your inner spark, your motivation that will keep you going. Helping you explore who you really are, who you want to be, help you gain focus & walk beside you every step of your journey towards your destination.

I incorporate stress management techniques and use EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping into our sessions, to help you de-stress, release blocked emotions that are holding you back and increase your energy and motivation. I address any dietary issues and give nutritional advice if requested.

To find out more, visit my website www.cammishwellness.com/services or get in touch on 089 9596027 or elaine@cammishwellness.com

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