In these modern times, many of us find it hard to balance our lives… be it with work and leisure… keeping fit… having a family... career... financial worries... illness or health concerns...

Let's find that balance! Let's lift your energy, raise your vibe and get you living your life...on your terms!


Let me teach you how to accurately assess stress & energy levels, so that you can start to take control of your life with ease!


Hello - I'm Elaine Cammish - High Vibe Energy Coach


I am passionate about teaching people simple, effective techniques that reduce stress, release energetic blocks and raise their energetic vibration! 


I specialise in helping others find the root cause & energetic blocks that are holding them back from experiencing their greatest success.


The magic happens when we optimise our emotional and energetic health, through energy balance, flow, alignment, true heart connection and empowerment Xx

Ready to De-Stress, Re-Energise & feel FAB?

I would like to invite you to a 90 MINUTE  HIGH VIBE ENERGY SESSION



Well, quite simply - we all need peace in our lives! 


During this 90 minutes, we will work together to:

  1. Identify where you are at currently in terms of stress and your energy body state.
  2. Identify what has not or is not currently working for you. 
  3. Learn how to conduct an accurate stress assessment.
  4. Learn how to de-stress using our breath and simple, effective and powerful energy techniques.
  5. Identify areas that you wish to improve in your day to day life & draw up a plan to implement any new changes.

My aim is to teach you how to de-stress and re-energise your energy body - so that you step into control.  It helps dramatically to create awareness of what triggers us in to a stressed state!  This, along with awareness of what actually happens to the body's central nervous system, hormones and physiology during stress, helps us to manage stress more effectively.


When we don't have a clear plan on how to tackle stress, we drift...and can end up somewhere completely unplanned and undesired!  It is very easy to get lost in stressful situations and circumstances. 


I know what that feels like.  I know stress VERY well - having suffered from long term stress and PTSD!  I know what works and what doesn't.  Having tools and techniques has been an essential part of my own journey through stress.  And yes I still get stressed!  I am human after all!  However, I drift if I don't have a clear plan on what to do when I feel stressed or am overcome by stressful situations. 


What works for me and many of my clients?  Keeping a check on our energy body on a daily basis helps to accurately assess where we are at and take action to lower any stress within minutes, before it sets in too deep.  Doing this daily also helps to raise our energetic vibration regularly, so that we are happy, confident and uplifted.  There's great power in that!  Empowering ourselves with techniques and tools that work for us is a great path forward in life, for any age.


What is a solution?

Energy Tapping (an evolved version of EFT) and heart based stress management techniques.  These techniques help to identify what the energetic block is (be it fear, anxiety, low vibrations or stress) and help to release it.  Not only that - these powerful techniques work fast to clear out negative energy, put in positive happy confident energy AND raise our vibrational frequency!  I feel it is one of the best emotional healing techniques that create huge change within minutes.  Happy days!


My investment in myself?

€180 for 90 minutes, dedicated to you to de-stress and re-energise - ensuring that you feel empowered, calm, happy and excited!


What is the next step to take?

Click on the "Book Now" button below to choose a suitable time for you, pay and we will take it from there.


So - are you ready to deep dive into high vibe?


Woohoo - I am excited for you!  Why should you wait any longer to start honouring you?  


I can't wait to work with you to help you connect with your heart, raise you vibe and see you thrive! Xx

Ready to De-Stress, Re-Energise & feel FAB?

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