Weekly Online Tapping Groups

Winter 2020 Courses available:

6 Week Online Energy Tapping Group 

for Female Entrepeneurs


1 hour Morning Session

Date:         25/02/20 - 31/03/20

Day:           Tuesday

Time:         10:00 - 11:00 GMT

Venue:       Online via Zoom

Duration:   6 Weeks

Online Weekly Tapping Group



1 hour Evening Session

Date:         25/02/20 - 31/03/20

Day:           Tuesday

Time:         20:00 - 21:00 GMT

Venue:       Online via Zoom

Duration:  6 Weeks

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Come join me for 6 weeks of positive energy raising, stress reducing techniques that will help create massive changes within your life! If you are feeling stuck or you simply wish for more happiness and ease in your life, then come join us in creating that change together as a group!


The group will meet online for 6 weeks from 10:00 - 11:00 GMT for Female Entrepreneurs and 20:00 - 21:00 GMT for Professional Business Women.  Online via Zoom* - a video conference platform. The 6 week course starts Tuesday 25/02/20.


Get in touch to book your place:  http://cammishwellness.com/events/book-now/


What is involved?


We come together as a group.  I facilitate the session by teaching everyone how to de-stress using an Energy Tapping technique.  Then we re-energise.  Following on from this - everyone gets the opportunity to tune into their body, ask it what it needs and we all Tap together on that individuals request.  This always benefits everyone and feedback has been brilliant regarding how each participant feels after Tapping together!


Following on from this group work, I then do a grounding and healing meditation to complete the session.


My investment in myself:  6 week course costs €297


How does the online part work?


I use a video conferencing platform called Zoom* for all of my 1:1 sessions and courses.  One needs to have the Zoom app downloaded on their chosen device and have an operating video and microphone on that device.  I will send you the link to invite you to the group each week and all you have to do is have a strong mobile date, broadband or wifi connection and that is it!  It is simple to use!  We can all see and hear each other on Zoom.  For those who can not make a session, I do record the session and send it on afterwards.  It is best to be present to gain the maximum benefit.


*The Zoom app can be easily downloaded onto your phone, computer or other device.  Participants will be issued a code by the facilitator, to use to join the 'meeting'.


More about Energy Tapping and the benefits of group Tapping:


Energy Tapping is an energy technique that uses light tapping on specific points on the hands, head, face and collarbone, to both release energy and raise energy.  One gently taps on the designated points on the face, head, collarbone and hands, combined with affirming positive phrases.  This helps to release any energetic 'blockages' and increase a positive flow of energy and vibration throughout the body and mind.


In using this easy, yet powerful technique, one can easily shift emotions that are holding them back - by focusing on what it is that one really needs in their body (to feel great).


By coming together to tap collectively as a group - the positive intentions affirmed are stronger, the energy is higher, the healing deeper, and the shift in emotions more positive.  It is a great way to learn a really positive technique, to create change in your life & master a new habit.


In a Tapping group, one has the added benefit of practicing under the guidance of an experienced Modern Energy Tapping Professional, in a safe and supported space.


When one releases the energy that’s been keeping them stuck, change occurs naturally.  This happens by shifting blocked energy and imprinting new positive beliefs. This allows one to experience a profoundly positive emotional shift.


Participants will feel differently, and perspectives will change.  Focus, clarity and motivation will increase, allowing a natural sense of peace or ease around everything in life.


Click here for further information on Tapping:  http://cammishwellness.com/services/emotional-freedom-technique-eft/